Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oregon Trip

I am back from visiting my oldest daughter and  my son and their kids (3 grown single guys in their 20's) around Portland Oregon. Then I went to Salem Oregon where my daughter has taken a job and she says she loves it. She is getting settled in her new apartment which is an easy drive to her job not like around Portland where the traffic is horrific and it an hour drive each way.

We went shopping for things she needed in her apartment like rugs, lamps and towel bar, toaster. We shopped at a couple wonderful Goodwill stores and I even found myself things of course.We went to a real girly flea market store named Aunt Bee's in Salem Oregon and I found me an adorable very small abalone shell that I have already decorated it with pearls and rhinestone and cut out a picture  from a post card advertisement added her a crown and decoupaged her inside the shell

See how small it is compared to my larger abalone shells I have decorated with rhinestones. when I came home and was doing laundry I set at one of my work tables in the studio and added the pearls and rhinestone while waiting on washer and dryer to quit.

Here is me and my daughter in the pouring down rain at Lincoln City last Friday. Tammy took a 1/2 day off and we drove to beach in 55 minutes from her work place.
 It was fun we ate at Mo's for all you Oregon people will know where Mo's restaurant is at Lincoln City beach,we had clam chowder and fish and chips.There was a family out playing on the beach in the rain. It was very windy and huge waves coming in off the ocean. Tammy called it a storm, it was just windy and rainy to me . I told her a storm here in Missouri is thunder lighting, high winds and limbs falling out of my trees, the power going out. LOL
 I drove my daughter to work everyday and toured Salem Oregon downtown. I went in their state capital building and found nice shops downtown Salem. She said she wanted to know where the library was, I said oh I know it's across from Capital building on corner. It was easy for me to drive around. I would not dare drive in Portland by myself.

It was a short sweet visit and now I'm back to work and more rain here today only. My cat Shirlee was very glad to see me,he is sticking right by me.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Latest Gift

Hello once again and I am so glad it's Thursday evening. Soon as I got home from work I made me a dish of apple crisp.I had seen it on another blog today where she made it and so of course I was craving it. I work where I can read on the internet all day just as long as I answer the phone when it rings. It's the only reason I can stand the job. Who wants to set in a chair all day waiting for the phone to ring. This is how I can read all your blogs also.

Anyway I went to a grandson cross country race one afternoon earlier in the week and my daughter said she had a box for me and she knew I would love it,she said something for the studio so I knew it would be something old or rhinestones LOL

So here is my newest gorgeous item to play with. This precious heavenly little angel or cupid on the cover. I love the ribbon and flowers adorned around him                                                        
I just think it's great I can't wait to do something with it . It's a hard celluloid outside cover and the back in velvet

 The inside picture frame edges are so pretty with the lovely ladies and the pretty scroll work, the gentleman's picture isn't very pretty however
 The outside edges are so pretty also my daughter said she got it at a church rummage sale in Jefferson City Mo for $1 . Said it was sitting on floor in a cardboard box and no one else had wanted , it this was in the afternoon also. So the first pickens gals missed it LOL
The end metal clasp is missing as on so many of these. Not sure what all I will do with it beside maybe make some greeting cards out of the inside sheets. I would like to hear some ideas of what else I could do with it. Tell me what you would do?

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

New Transferware

I'm out the door almost this morning but I do have some new red and white dishes to post for a Pink Saturday post.I stopped at  a yard sale on my lunch break a couple weeks ago and found these for $15. I was scraping in my ashtray(where I keep my drive through change for coffee) for enough change to have enough to purchase them. I didn't even try to talk the lady down in price. It is a 8 place setting.
 This gave me enough red and white dinner plates to fill my wall hanging plate rack also.
 A table shot I added the cups and saucers from another set
 I am thrilled with them,they had a very yellow tint to the white rims and I soaked them in soapy bleach water and that took lots of the yellow color off the white rims? Wonder why they were so yellow? Some plates still look yellowish to me

The name is Winchester Johnson Bros England with a crown 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blue Velvet Pumpkins

This is the last of my velvet pumpkins I am embellishing. I found some blue peel and stick blue rhinestone looking stickies at Michaels so had to add them on my blue velvet pumpkins over the weekend. This will be all of my fall decorating ! really. I love Christmas decorations however not so much fall.
 Since it was a little dark in my north room I took the pumpkins outside and set beside my old barn birdhouse my stepdad made me years ago. I need to fix the roof and hammer a board and get it back in my tree for winter for the passing birds.
 Just for fun thought I would see how Mr and Mrs looked with blue velvet pumpkins on their heads. A squirrel knocked Mr over and broke his face I glued back as much as I could.

 I worked on cleaning out my closet in my bedroom all weekend and today. It is looking much better with hanging shoe and sweater racks. I folded all my jeans and put them nicely on a top shelf to give more room for hanging slacks and my favorite jeggings. My closet looked like a garage sale mess.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Leopard Pumpkins

OK I wasn't going to show any pumpkins till October however it's pretty close? I bought several of these velvet stuffed pumpkins last year at Hobby Lobby when they were 90 % off and thought OK I'll buy them and can do something fun with them.

I always liked everything better with rhinestones or embellishments on it so added some bling to these leopard pumpkins for fun. I got several packages of these peal off and stick rhinestone looking studs at Joann's or Michael's can't remember which place now. I always have stuff like this in my studio ready to play with.


I have a leopard rug on the floor in this room which I call my home office and my red room with all the gold frames hanging on the gallery wall so thought they would fit right tin .

I have some blue velvet pumpkins I'm making prettier also. Here is some little pumpkins I added some bling to a few years ago. 

I am liking this cooler weather however hate to see our days get shorter what about you? 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

St Louis Trip

I told you all in my last post I was headed to St Louis 125 miles away to visit a sweet cousin on my mother's side of the family. We use to see each other maybe twice a year when we we little 6-9 years old.Then we didn't see each other till about 4 years ago. I was the poor country girl never been to town shopping and she was the rich St Louis city girl who had it all. LOL however she was always so sweet and her mother Aunt Lou use to bring me hand me downs and I always couldn't wait to see what she brought me. I showed a picture once in a post of a Christmas picture where I had on an Easter bonnet they had brought me one Christmas when they visited. I was so happy I wore it all Christmas day.
This is a beautiful crewel needlepoint type rug I purchased at a resale shop,to put in my bedroom It's 9 x 12 feet and now I need help moving all my big furniture to change out my rugs. i love it

 I stopped at a yard sale where a couple was moving to Florida and selling everything in their house,they said they were only taking their clothes and a few kitchen items.Their new condo was completely furnished. Anyway they had stuff priced to sell. I bought this beautiful 3-D marble/plaster romantic picture and want to hang it in my bathroom soon as I find my wall stud finder.The gold frame is gorgeous and this picture is about 24x 30 ? just guessing
 It will be so pretty in my bathroom
 Then I like Phillip Stark ghost chairs and found this chair at Home Goods store and knew I wanted it. It looks goon next to my glass top table

We also went to a couple Goodwill stores and we each bought about 11 beautiful hardback large cookbooks, Martha, Julia and Lidia's and I got best Southern Living pie recipe's cookbook with gorgeous pictures in it.I gotta have pictures.
Oh also at the moving yard sale I got a small metal fold up bakers rack for $5 and a iron and wicker fold up corner rack for $3. The white spray can paint has already dressed them up. Soon as my back recovers( laid on ice 2 days) from all my shopping and lifting I'll move them in a sewing room I am fixing up.
 Driving home my car was full front seat and back I looked like a road gypsy LOL We had a great time together.Her husband was real sweet to let us run all weekend he just waited at home till we got back then took us out to eat every meal .

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Tole Wall Sconce

I have a red room which is my home office and I have several odd gold ornate frames and wall sconces on a wall in this room. I stopped in at the best resale shop here and found this Italian gold tole metal wall sconce for $2 !!! I could not believe it. It was in a large zip lock bag with the crystals in the bottom of the bag. I didn't care if crystal were missing because I have bowls full in the studio I have picked up at sales.                                                                  

I'll add some candles in it also. I didn't frame it with a large gold frame, because no wall space left
 I think this is the first wall candle sconce I got at an estate sale actually have another one to match but one arm is broke off so I have it just hanging from a chandelier over a work table in the studio
 Looking down toward the new wall sconce, this picture is dark it was raining here this morning and very cloudy. I am using my iphone for a camera
 At a glance
 This Italian tole chandelier is actually in my bedroom and I am going to have it moved to my office since it matches this wall new Italian  tole crystal wall sconce and the others. Don't know why I haven't thought of this before

I'm going to visit a cousin in St Louis and hoping we might find some great things at a yard sale or estate sale. I have bought a lot lately however all very reasonable prices just like this $2 piece

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