Thursday, September 22, 2016

St Louis Trip

I told you all in my last post I was headed to St Louis 125 miles away to visit a sweet cousin on my mother's side of the family. We use to see each other maybe twice a year when we we little 6-9 years old.Then we didn't see each other till about 4 years ago. I was the poor country girl never been to town shopping and she was the rich St Louis city girl who had it all. LOL however she was always so sweet and her mother Aunt Lou use to bring me hand me downs and I always couldn't wait to see what she brought me. I showed a picture once in a post of a Christmas picture where I had on an Easter bonnet they had brought me one Christmas when they visited. I was so happy I wore it all Christmas day.
This is a beautiful crewel needlepoint type rug I purchased at a resale shop,to put in my bedroom It's 9 x 12 feet and now I need help moving all my big furniture to change out my rugs. i love it

 I stopped at a yard sale where a couple was moving to Florida and selling everything in their house,they said they were only taking their clothes and a few kitchen items.Their new condo was completely furnished. Anyway they had stuff priced to sell. I bought this beautiful 3-D marble/plaster romantic picture and want to hang it in my bathroom soon as I find my wall stud finder.The gold frame is gorgeous and this picture is about 24x 30 ? just guessing
 It will be so pretty in my bathroom
 Then I like Phillip Stark ghost chairs and found this chair at Home Goods store and knew I wanted it. It looks goon next to my glass top table

We also went to a couple Goodwill stores and we each bought about 11 beautiful hardback large cookbooks, Martha, Julia and Lidia's and I got best Southern Living pie recipe's cookbook with gorgeous pictures in it.I gotta have pictures.
Oh also at the moving yard sale I got a small metal fold up bakers rack for $5 and a iron and wicker fold up corner rack for $3. The white spray can paint has already dressed them up. Soon as my back recovers( laid on ice 2 days) from all my shopping and lifting I'll move them in a sewing room I am fixing up.
 Driving home my car was full front seat and back I looked like a road gypsy LOL We had a great time together.Her husband was real sweet to let us run all weekend he just waited at home till we got back then took us out to eat every meal .

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Tole Wall Sconce

I have a red room which is my home office and I have several odd gold ornate frames and wall sconces on a wall in this room. I stopped in at the best resale shop here and found this Italian gold tole metal wall sconce for $2 !!! I could not believe it. It was in a large zip lock bag with the crystals in the bottom of the bag. I didn't care if crystal were missing because I have bowls full in the studio I have picked up at sales.                                                                  

I'll add some candles in it also. I didn't frame it with a large gold frame, because no wall space left
 I think this is the first wall candle sconce I got at an estate sale actually have another one to match but one arm is broke off so I have it just hanging from a chandelier over a work table in the studio
 Looking down toward the new wall sconce, this picture is dark it was raining here this morning and very cloudy. I am using my iphone for a camera
 At a glance
 This Italian tole chandelier is actually in my bedroom and I am going to have it moved to my office since it matches this wall new Italian  tole crystal wall sconce and the others. Don't know why I haven't thought of this before

I'm going to visit a cousin in St Louis and hoping we might find some great things at a yard sale or estate sale. I have bought a lot lately however all very reasonable prices just like this $2 piece

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thrifting Buys

I had a nice weekend and Thursday I went up to Kansas City with a friend to meet up with some ladies who we took our trip with last year this time to Medjugorje. So while we was up there we just had to do a little thrift store shopping. Also went a decent antique store in Independence on the square. This lady had wonderful old silver spoons and lots china and bone tea cups for you tea ladies.
I found a nice little white pitcher that was too good of a price to leave behind,or so I thought.

                            $3.00 girls
 Then I spotted this little dresser jar in a cabinet. I use to crave these years ago and always thought they were out of my price range for affordability. However this little sweet jar was priced right.
Then I know I have plenty spoon holders for my silver spoons but this was another item years ago I always admired and never purchased and its an unusual shape for a spoon holder 
 Back before this phase of buying junk and rust I did like the pretty things for the kitchen and this spoon holder was one I always liked . I just had to put my rhinestone spoons in it for now.

Don't get me wrong I like the junk and rusty things even bought some of those this weekend at a salvage sale for myself to make a wall coat hanger. I have the perfect blue board and now the old chippy hooks.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Yard Statues

I needed to post something and was thinking about my day trip with Bernideen  and Gina last week. Gina purchased some adorable concrete gnomes for her flower bed and I was thinking about what concrete statues I have around my house in flower beds.

It's labor day and I have been laboring around the house and in the yard a little . This sweet couple goes with a water fountain I don't have hooked up and have flowers in the fountain bowl

 On front porch waiting for company
 My favorite flower container, The Dancing Girls
 My Lady with newly cut sunflowers stuck in her head for hair
 My man planter who the squirrels knocked over and broke his face, but E6000 put him back together
 My little concrete pug
 And my little concrete squirrel  sitting at bottom of a bird bath
 Hope you all had a nice relaxing labor day or at least you got to do something you wanted to do.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Art Spoons

I have had a good weekend I stayed home did some cleaning, window washing and got all those rose plates rearranged.While I was vacuuming  the studio and cleaning my door glass I decided to stop and make a few rhinestone covered art spoons. I went to a thrift store Friday on my lunch break and found 20  triple silver plated spoons for $6 so thinking I could do something with them. I always like playing with all my rhinestone buttons and jewelry. I got all my rhinestones piled up to make my choices of what I wanted to use and here is what I came up with.
 The blue spoons is my favorite. I tore apart a blue rhinestone vintage necklace to use for it
 The clear rhinestone spoon I used a vintage brooch and one of my favorite antique glass buttons.

I worked on these in between doing laundry and cleaning. I had to let the E600 glue dry in between adding the crystal and rhinestones. Which it drys pretty quick
 I may still add something to the top of the clear rhinestone/crystal spoon. I used a vintage earring on top of the blue spoon.I buy vintage rhinestone  belts to use on my projects if I can find them.
 Crystal and rhinestones nothing prettier. I have been using some of my better vintage jewelry pieces to decorate my abalone shells and spoons

I made several glitter spoons once and thought they were fabulous however these gals are my pretty pretty-ious spoon creations yet I think 

Also this morning I'm teaching myself how to download my pictures from my iphone to a blog post? I need Help because all I could figure out was send pictures to my email then put in a google folder , which I don't know how I got it done LOL ? Then I looked everywhere in my pictures folders till I found these, Can you tell me an easier way? I would like to post from my iphone to my blog but haven't figured this out.Thanks and i'm off to work

Always Thanks for reading my blog 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Washing Plates

I have all my silver spoons cleaned in my last posts so now I'm going to wash all my dinner plates on the two plates racks in my kitchen. This is some of my plates with roses on them that  I collected for a ladies luncheon once.

I went to the movies tonight to see the true story about Florence Foster Jenkins that is name of movie with Meryl  Streep  and Hugh Grant. It was marvelous darling so go see it 

This is short and sweet post it's late and i'm off to bed 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sterling Silver Spoons

Since I finished a few projects in the studio this weekend I had to clean my silver spoons. I showed a picture of a cute little silverplated creamer in my treasure cabinet in my kitchen and the little pitcher was very tarnished and so was my 4 little antique baby cups.So after a cup of tea I got started cleaning 89 spoons and 4  silver baby cups a creamer and some spoons I had previosly cleaned. I do like them much better all shiny and pretty. This took over 2 hours.
This was the little tarnished creamer
Here it is all shinned up with also some cleaned silver spoons
I have a few baby spoons and the one on the right says Birth Record of Lori 1967
These are some of my favorite spoons with the pointed ends,I think maybe they are grapefruit spoons? Now if you know different please tell us all,they are sterling and very lightweight                                                                                                        
These spoons are coin silver I was always told made out of melted down coins during the civil war also if you know more please tell us all
Then here is the 4 little baby cups I still have. The one in front is marked sterling and as all sterling items very lightweight.This is how I learned the difference when I first started collecting silver is the different weight in sterling silver and silverplated items
Here they all are bright and shiny and pretty for a short while I have a few little baby spoons with the turned bent handles and baby and youth forks. Look in the creamer at the little baby flat shuttle.
This is 2 little sets I have stuck in some of the baby cups. The one one the left is Coronation and matches my silverware set
 Some Rolex spoons that I got at different auctions years ago they were in with other silver flatware I bought. I have always wanted a ladies Rolex watch
 I know this is a lot of pictures however I have a lot of little silver spoons to show off

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