Thursday, August 25, 2016

Washing Plates

I have all my silver spoons cleaned in my last posts so now I'm going to wash all my dinner plates on the two plates racks in my kitchen. This is some of my plates with roses on them that  I collected for a ladies luncheon once.

I went to the movies tonight to see the true story about Florence Foster Jenkins that is name of movie with Meryl  Streep  and Hugh Grant. It was marvelous darling so go see it 

This is short and sweet post it's late and i'm off to bed 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sterling Silver Spoons

Since I finished a few projects in the studio this weekend I had to clean my silver spoons. I showed a picture of a cute little silverplated creamer in my treasure cabinet in my kitchen and the little pitcher was very tarnished and so was my 4 little antique baby cups.So after a cup of tea I got started cleaning 89 spoons and 4  silver baby cups a creamer and some spoons I had previosly cleaned. I do like them much better all shiny and pretty. This took over 2 hours.
This was the little tarnished creamer
Here it is all shinned up with also some cleaned silver spoons
I have a few baby spoons and the one on the right says Birth Record of Lori 1967
These are some of my favorite spoons with the pointed ends,I think maybe they are grapefruit spoons? Now if you know different please tell us all,they are sterling and very lightweight                                                                                                        
These spoons are coin silver I was always told made out of melted down coins during the civil war also if you know more please tell us all
Then here is the 4 little baby cups I still have. The one in front is marked sterling and as all sterling items very lightweight.This is how I learned the difference when I first started collecting silver is the different weight in sterling silver and silverplated items
Here they all are bright and shiny and pretty for a short while I have a few little baby spoons with the turned bent handles and baby and youth forks. Look in the creamer at the little baby flat shuttle.
This is 2 little sets I have stuck in some of the baby cups. The one one the left is Coronation and matches my silverware set
 Some Rolex spoons that I got at different auctions years ago they were in with other silver flatware I bought. I have always wanted a ladies Rolex watch
 I know this is a lot of pictures however I have a lot of little silver spoons to show off

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Embellished Abalone Shell

This last weekend I didn't do much except start and finish a couple projects I had wanted to work on and had dreamed up in my head.I had wanted to take my time and just piddle with them.
I had to go through lots boxes and drawers of old jewelry and things I had picked up at sales and auctions through the years to find just the right embellishments for my next abalone shell bowls I call them.
 I tried several ways of adding pearls and rhinestones finally decided on this collar and cameo and part of a vintage necklace
 Then I tried a vintage pearl collar from back in the 1960's, I collected these for a while and decided to just use one on this shell

 Then believe it or not I had a pair of sandals from 20 years ago and I loved the rhinestones on the shoe straps. I cut the straps off and used them on this shell,The gorgeous rhinestone butterfly was on top of the thong like sandals. I had kept them all these years because I thought they were to pretty to throw away.

     So these were an all day project I worked on them off and on all day Saturday and Sunday also. I may still add a couple embellishments yet. Just wanted to show them off. I used E6000 glue which works perfect for this type of thing.  Also finally threw the old green  sandals away after salvaging all the glass rhinestones. I have a pair of pink sandals I'm saving also for a projects also with pink glass butterfly's on them just like the green ones.                                                                          

Now I need to look for more abalone shells, this was the fifth one I had decorated.I gave one to a friend
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My Before picture of the shell 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cupid's Head

I forgot to show my little concrete Cupid's  head I got at the yard sale last weekend. I have it sitting on a small white cabinet full of baby spoons and rhinestone and blue and white cups. I don't know if it was broke off a body or not? It was $2
 She looks cuter from her side.
 I also got this little silverplated napkin ring with an A on it, also $2
 These are baby spoons I use to collect and I have to get the silver polish out and get them cleaned up again .They are in the cabinet I have cupid sitting on for the time being
 These sterling spoons need a cleaning also. I like to use Harpers silver polish, anyway I think that is the name i'm out now so need to pick that up tomorrow. I'm always out of something
 There is a few coin silver spoons in this spoon holder

I went to Kansas CIty this last weekend to visit my sister and nieces and a friend from New Jersey who was visiting my niece, she is actually my one niece's mother in law I met her in Jamaica 3 years ago at my niece's wedding to her son.
We went over to an antique mall on Mission Road. loved it .I seen this painting I liked however didn't even look at price because the other paintings I liked was $1700 up . This one had damage to frame also. Now if it was $50 no problem with a damaged frame ,right? 

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekend Finds

First I went to this antique estate sale here in town and everything was great old stuff. I had no intention of buying any more dishes however this green transferware covered casserole dish was priced very reasonable and I liked the pattern. So home it came with me to set on a shelf and collect dust.
The ladies pictures in the background is my Grandmother on the right and some of her girlfriends when she was young and not married. She was born 1907. The brown transfeware pitcher was her sisters born 1905. My Aunt Ollie loved antique dishes                                                          
Then this lamp was my surprise for the day.I love the lamp shade pattern. I have several old books with this pattern on the covers and page ends. I have it setting on a small leather book. It's a very small lamp.
I had been looking for a large wooden dough board and maybe this is a knockoff maybe new? however I liked it size. I might add some lemon oil to darken it a little. No white paint for her now?
This cool Fox pin has a rhinestone tail and head and collar then enameled red tongue and ears. I got it at a yard sale where 2 ladies had everything vintage or antique. I wish I had made it to their sale earlier. I did get a lot of little things there, like lot rhinestone jewelry for projects. He was priced to come home with me. All the jewelry was 25 cents to $2.50. He reminds me of that song out last summer What Does The Fox Say. Remember it ?

That is some of my finds for last weekend. 

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Love White Paint

As all of you I have lots projects in piles all over the studio. I got a little bench painted and put it out on the front  porch. Then I have a spice cabinet I guess I got it back at JC Penney in 1995 and never have used it. I have the bigger Coffee Sugar Flour and Tea cabinet also that matches I painted  it white years ago and using it in the kitchen.
Anyway here is a little before and after shots of what I did with it . Anything looks better to me with white paint
 This has been on a bookcase in the studio just sitting for years waiting it's turn for paint haha
 I got this bench from a sweet little friend Gina
 I have this picture of it completed. I took a picture of it in front of my ribbon door I painted pink a few years ago however its blurry

 Then my oh so pretty pink shoes are for Pink Saturday

I went to an estate sale this morning and SO happy with my new treasure then just happened upon a yard sale where 2 gals were selling all vintage items ! I over spent my allowance,but I got awesome jewelry treasures to use for my next abalone shell bowl which I found at the estate sale this morning. I think I'll use all vintage pearls on my next shell bowl. You can see the one I gave a friend on this post. She loved it and I knew she would. She likes all my crazy art projects and I really appreciate her liking them also. Of all the ladies I know only one likes my Stuff LOL except for you bloggers I know you like my stuff LOL 

So glad it has cooled down a bit also

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Beaded Items

I have always loved old beads, meaning old beaded flowers, purses, clothing  or anything covered with gorgeous glass beads. I was at an estate sale this summer and found an odd pieces of white beading and had to have it. It just feels so good to hold. I like the feel of old material covered in beading like old vintage wedding dresses etc. I just think it's gorgeous
 I know your wondering why I'm showing my silver dome
 However this piece of beading goes right around my silver dome perfectly, just another way of entertaining myself .LOL .I have no idea what this piece of beading came off of since its in one continues piece? Would you have any idea? It's cut off something or maybe was just never finished for what it was intended for.I just know I really like it.
Then this is a sweet little beaded flower I clipped on a small beaded lamp shade and put my pearl tiara around it. It usually sets on a shelf in the studio
 Oh and I almost forgot my new beaded and velvet pillow I purchased at Pier One not long ago . I knew soon as I seen it I wanted it and it was going home with me. It an oblong pillow.

Gosh it's Hot here in Central Missouri and I don't like hot weather and don't do any outside activities while we are in this heat wave. I will water my flowers tonight after the sun goes down.

Last Saturday Gina and Bernideen and I  went on an all day hunt for vintage treasures however we all came home with a very small bags. Gina drove us over to Quincy Illinois where only one shop had real antiques and victorian items Gina was looking for. I purchased 2 calendar plates at a thrift store and I already forgot what Bernideen purchased, I'm sure she will tell you.It was a very nice day we had a wonderful lunch at Kelly's in Quincy. This was my first time meeting Bernideen and she is very sweet lady. Loved her style of clothes, glasses and her adorable lace socks 

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